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Diablo 3 is a famous masterpiece of Blizzzard which is now popular all over the world. At present, Diablo 3 also start the multi-platform mode, it will be transplanted to the host version, PS3/4 version in the coming September. 

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Mainly there are two kinds of payment methods that for you to choose. One is Paypal &Moneybookers, the other is Credit Cards (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Blue card and so on). If you still can’t find an appropriate method, please contact with our live chat, all the support staff will help you.
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Of course, it is! We are professional Diablo 3 gold provider. Our staff have good self-discipline to keep your account secure. Moreover, you can refund with no attachments.
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If you forgot your passwords, a simple click on “Forgot” link and input your email address. New randomly generated passwords will be sent to you automatically. And you can also contact our Live Support to change it for you.


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